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Van Buren Elementary School is a community of staff, students and families partnering to promote academic achievement in an environment where students are Safe, There and ready to learn, Act responsibly, Respectful, and Show compassion. It is our highest priority to guide all students toward becoming successful, responsible 21st  century citizens. Our school-wide STARS behavior system rewards positive effort and actions across all areas of our campus. Our staff explicitly teaches expected behaviors and provides students with opportunities to practice each within all settings. Every year, school-wide assemblies are held to reinforce rules, expectations, rewards and consequences in order to ensure all students fully understand our expectations for behavior and good citizenship at Van Buren. Students who demonstrate STARS behavior will be presented with a STARS Buck.  Students may save STARS Bucks and spend them on a variety of items found on the STARS Bucks Menu.



There & Ready

Act Responsibly


Show Compassion