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Principal's Message

April 2, 2020


I sincerely hope this message finds you all healthy and well. By now, you all should have received the message from our district superintendent, Dr. Greg Plutko, that in support of our governor's decision and the safety of our entire community, schools will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. While this was stunning news to all of us at Van Buren, we fully understand and support the need to work together and keep each other safe and well. While this is hard news to hear, I am so grateful to have a community that supports our efforts so completely. As we now step into this new frontier, I want to take a moment to consider the remarkable opportunities that lie ahead of us.

As members of the Van Buren community, we have a shared philosophy that values specific attributes which make us lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate citizens. We are STARS. We are Safe, There and ready, Act responsibly, Respectful, Show compassion. These are qualities we teach our students and celebrate every day. Your children know them like they know the alphabet song. And now our amazing students will simply put STARS into action... fully. Your students, our students, hold these qualities deep within them and now each of them has a unique opportunity to develop each quality to an even greater degree. With your support and guidance, your child will be stronger, more independent, more scholarly, and more confident when he/she arrives at the other side of this event. This is a remarkable opportunity for our students to see what STARS really means and how applying it to our daily lives, under any circumstances, will guide them right where they need to go.

In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to be challenged by various unknown factors. Just know, your child's teacher and I will be working closely together to support them in every way possible. Our collective goal is to bring a sense of structure and normalcy to your child's day, almost as if they were still attending school. We know that children thrive when the world around them is calm, nurturing, and predictable. We are dedicated to providing that to each of our students. Your child's participation in distance learning through Google Classroom will provide them the opportunity to build and maintain academic skills as well as grow as STARS students. We have every confidence they will succeed and progress beyond our expectation!

To support you, our wonderful parents, in this process, our district has created a website for you called PYLUSD Online. Under the parent link you will find additional learning supports for Art & Music, Physical Fitness, Enrichment, Math, and Structure (Behavior Support). The resources are plentiful and should provide additional learning opportunities as well as other support should your child need them. If you are in need of technology support or a Chromebook for your child, please email our district help desk at helpdesk@pylusd.org. Our fantastic district tech team will gladly assist you.

In the coming weeks, should you or your child need our support, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or me. We are learning and growing in this process as well but are always here to help. Next week is Spring Break and I wish you all a safe restful week. Please step away from school work and take time to play, breath and rest as you need to. We will be doing much of the same. We look forward to reconnecting with you on April 13 when our distance learning continues. Until then, please stay safe and well!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Roe


Van Buren Elementary School