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* In order to pick up a Registration Packet, please make sure to bring document items 1-3 with you, so we may very your child’s age and residency.

* Item numbers 4-6 may be turned in with your completed Registration Packet.

Packets will NOT be given out without the proper paperwork.


Van Buren Elementary School – Registration Checklist

1. Residency Verification – ONE of the following items are required:

  • Electric bill or Gas bill (both sections, top and bottom)
  • Property Tax or Income Tax
  • Escrow papers with closing date
  • Social Services documents
  • Payroll Stub/Unemployment Check/Disability Benefits

PYLUSD Residency Verification Affidavit Forms: If you are a renter and do not pay utilities because they are included in the rent, we will need the following District mandated forms:

  • Co-Resident Supplemental Form
  • Rental Supplemental Form

2.) Identity Verification – Parent/Guardian/Caregiver/Agency or Group Representative

  • Current Driver’s License/California I.D. Card
  • National Identification Card
  • Passport with Photo I.D.

 3). Birth Certificate – Original (no abstract, hospital report or baptismal certificate)

 4.) Immunization Record (Detailed list below of State Requirements):

  •  IPV (Polio) ~ 3 Doses (last dose must be on or after 4th birthday, or 4th at any age.)
  • DTP/DtaP ~ 4 Doses DT/Td  (4 doses meet requirement if last one was given after 4th birthday)
  • MMR Vaccine ~ 2 doses or 1 MMR and 1 measles containing vaccine meets requirement (both doses must be given on or after 1st birthday)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) ~ 1 dose (dose must be given after 1st birthday or disease to be documented by health care provider)
  • Hepatitis B ~ 3 doses (series needs to be started with minimum of 1st dose for school entry)

5.) Report of Health Examination: (completed within 18 months before entering 1st grade)

6.) Documents Required for 1st-6th Grade Students: 

  • The Student’s current report card from the previous school.
  • GATE students: Prior test scores and/or certification forms (Only if applicable to your child)
  • Special Education and 504 students: Prior IEP and Assessments (Only if applicable to your child)


For the school boundary map, click here.